Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some clearance related frequently asked questions:

The medical clearance codes are managed by the Government departments in One HMG Healthcare. It's often the HR team which issues the codes. If in doubt, speak the team posting you overseas. Using the code and your PF/staff/service number you should register for medical clearance. You can do this up to six months prior to the start of your posting. Accompanying dependents over the age of 16 should create their own account using the same clearance code and PF/ staff/service number. Medical clearance with One HMG Healthline is posting specific.

Once our medical team have reviewed your clearance form, they may get in touch with you to request more information or inform you of an occupational health appointment if this is needed.

Anyone aged six years and over resident at post should have dental clearance. The government departments in One HMG Healthline request that you have dental clearance completed in the UK because a UK dentist is more likely to understand NHS dentistry. You cannot complete your dental clearance until you have received medical clearance.

The codes relate to different types of clearance for different Government departments. Firstly they tell us what type of clearance you are trying to obtain:

  • Posting Clearance
  • Duty Traveler Clearance

The code also tells us where we should send a copy of the clearance outcome and which government department will be responsible for paying any medical and dental costs incurred overseas.

If you do not know what your medical clearance code is, please contact your HR team or the team posting you overseas. One HMG Healthline cannot provide you with this. If you have accompanying dependents, they should use the same code as you. They will also need your PF/staff/service number as we use that to link families together in our system.

Once you have your code you should register an account.

Step 1 - Register

Step 2 - You will receive an email. Click the link in the email to Validate your account

Step 3 - The link will bring you back to the Home Page of the website. You can now log in using your CODE and your Username and Password that you have created

Step 4 - Complete the clearance forms and await the outcome from the Healthline Team

The full user guide is available here

Your information is important to us. In order to keep it secure you are required to have an individual account. Your individual account can only be created using a secure login and password. Please keep your login and password information safe. You simply create these by clicking the Register button. The Username and Password is created by you - the more complex the better for your own security.

You will continue to use this username and password to log into the One HMG Healthline hub.

The aim of the Healthline service is to assess whether you are able to carry out the role when you are overseas and that any medical conditions can be managed well. The Equality Act 2010 (Disability Discrimination Act) is designed to ensure employers make reasonable and practical adjustments to help you work effectively.

Your date of birth is required in order for you to be able to complete the appropriate clearance form. There are different forms depending on your age - e.g. Adult forms, Child forms.

You need posting clearance if you going to be posted overseas for 6+ months. If you will also take short business trips outside of your posting location, you will need duty travel clearance.

You do not need to apply for clearance for each work trip. Your duty traveler clearance is valid for 1 year.

Dependents over the age of 16 must create their own One HMG Healthline hub account and submit their own medical clearance form. They will need to create a new username and password, but use the same medical clearance code and PF/ Staff number as the officer.

Dependent clearance forms for young children under 16 years of age must be completed by their parent/guardian. For dependents over the age of 16 they must either do their own clearance form, or you must have consent to complete this for them. This is to ensure confidentiality of medical information.

The correct form will be generated after selecting the dependent type (e.g. spouse, child) and entering the date of birth.

Registered partners are not eligible for medical clearance. Please contact us when the partner is an Established partner. See FCDO DiploHub/ Your Parent department intranet site for further information.

They will need to register for medical clearance on the One HMG Healthline hub. They will need a medical clearance code and the officer's PF/staff/service number to apply. It's often the HR team which issues the codes. If in doubt, speak the team posting you overseas.

The Healthline Team are the contracted provider for the FCDO and other Partners across Government elected to manage the overseas healthcare and UK occupational health requirements (FCDO and FCDOS only) of staff and dependents. The Healthline is managed by Healix International and RPS.

Once you click 'submit' you will receive an email confirming we have received it. Once our medical team has reviewed your clearance form, they may get in touch with you to request more information or inform you of an occupational health appointment if this is needed. If you have not heard from us within 72 hours please contact the Healthline.

The information you submit is moved to a secure database held in the UK. The database is only accessible by authorised Healix employees and subject to strict access permissions based on Need to Know and Least Privilege Principles. In the event that you require medical assistance when overseas your data will be accessed by a member of the One HMG Healthline team in order to identify you as an eligible individual and provide you with the best advice at the time. You can find more information on how One HMG Healthline stores and processes personal data here.

No not without your explicit consent. When you complete the medical screening, One HMG Healthline staff will use this information to assess the risk associated with your posting or duty travelling. The result of the medical clearance, but no details of the medical information, will be shared with the employer. In certain situations, we will require additional information to complete the assessment in which case we will obtain your explicit consent to seek medical records or ask you to provide the medical reports directly.

One HMG Healthline relies on your explicit consent to:

  • Obtain additional medical records from the NHS or private healthcare provider.
  • Share your personal data with the Government employer.
  • Discuss your case with a family member or friend.

You can find further details in the privacy notice.

Please inform us prior to going overseas. You can do this by email or telephone. We want to ensure you can be medically managed at your posting, so our medical team may get in touch with you to discuss the changes.

You must ensure you have your vaccinations and anti malarial medication if recommended prior to going to post. Please read your parent department policy information for information on where you should get these done.

If you have a complaint about the quality of service from One HMG Healthline, please click here to read and follow the complaints policy.

Please read the two documents below with regards to an RPS OH complaint:

If you have a complaint about an overseas provider, please click here to read our policy.